Apr 16, 2011

Get married and settle down

Recently went through a Hindi blog--http://shaadikarwao.blogspot.com/
Though the blogger intends to put it with a touch of fun and sarcasm about the Indian society and marriage norms,and he does it beautifully, my thoughts led to some different aspects of it. Can Indian society think beyond marriages. Even in 21'st century, our main motto of life remains narrowed down in few things--- get educated, get a job and then settle down. There is a lot of change in the thinking toward career and way of living, but it is not so as far as the perception toward life is concerned.
So it does not matter yet if you are well qualified here and got your salary in lacs per month. Your father and mother, brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts [fortunately we have plenty of them in India] will always be concerned about your marriage and getting you settle down.
So guys before they ask you about your intentions behind staying single or doubt if the boy is going badly westernized [the way they quote homosexuality in India], just settle down and get married.

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