Aug 1, 2011

Winning your love back

It's love that makes a life full of colours. It is love that makes your life fulfilled, and it is love which gives you aim to achieve happiness. But, what when you lose your love?
Suddenly your life seems hazy, full of darkness and you lose all your hopes and emotion. It is therefore as challenging to win your love back as to get it for then first time.
You need to find out first what were the reasons due to which you had failed in love. Knowing this is not so easy as it is difficult for anybody to accept his or her own follies. But once you realize, you would take no time to over come them.
Note all your virtues what your lover liked in you. Do not think of what you boasted about, just think of the real you and the positives aspects of your personality, which attracted your lover.

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Hardik said...

I really liked your thoughts..